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Gary & Marcia's Camper ( MtnCamper)
Ansel Watrous (2002)

MtnCampers Self Contained Water Wagon
Additions and Modifications to the Camper
Modifying the Awning
Our Camping "Buddies"
Mountain Park (2001)
Chambers Lake (2001)
Ranger Lakes (2001)
Ansel Watrous (2002)
Dowdy Lake (2002)
Mountain Park (2002)
Black Canyon of the Gunnison (2002)
Mueller State Park (2003)
Tunnel Campground (2003)
The Pinery, Ontario Canada (2004)
Long Draw Campground (2004)
Lathrop State Park (2004)

Roosevelt National Forest.

Ansel Watrous, Elevation 5,800 Feet.


In and All Setup. (Click to Enlarge)
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The fee for this campground was $5. But nobody came around to collect. What a deal!

Our Camper (Click to Enlarge)
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Doesn't look like any roads.

The Bluff (Click to Enlarge)
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This was the view out the front door, across the river.

Poudre River (Click to Enlarge)
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The River is low, no runoff yet. It should get much heavier around May15.

Small Rapids (Click to Enlarge)
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Such a nice sound to go to sleep with.

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