Gary & Marcia's Camper ( MtnCamper)
Modifying the Awning

MtnCampers Self Contained Water Wagon
Additions and Modifications to the Camper
Modifying the Awning
Our Camping "Buddies"
Mountain Park (2001)
Chambers Lake (2001)
Ranger Lakes (2001)
Ansel Watrous (2002)
Dowdy Lake (2002)
Mountain Park (2002)
Black Canyon of the Gunnison (2002)
Mueller State Park (2003)
Tunnel Campground (2003)
The Pinery, Ontario Canada (2004)
Long Draw Campground (2004)
Lathrop State Park (2004)

After tripping over the ropes for 3 years, I decided to change it!

I modified the standard awning. Total cost of this project was around $60.

This is ths Standard awning poles and ropes.

Longer ID tubes allow the poles to reach the frame
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These are standard poles, with the push buttom adjustment.

Awning set to Standard height
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Adjusted for Rain
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One side up the other down. 10" of adjustment either side.

Corner brackets and pins provide a sturdy anchor
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Where to drill Holes. Enlarge Beam to 7/16.
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Adjustment holes same size as original holes

This is how I made the brackets
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