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Gary & Marcia's Camper ( MtnCamper)
Additions and Modifications to the Camper
MtnCampers Self Contained Water Wagon
Additions and Modifications to the Camper
Modifying the Awning
Our Camping "Buddies"
Mountain Park (2001)
Chambers Lake (2001)
Ranger Lakes (2001)
Ansel Watrous (2002)
Dowdy Lake (2002)
Mountain Park (2002)
Black Canyon of the Gunnison (2002)
Mueller State Park (2003)
Tunnel Campground (2003)
The Pinery, Ontario Canada (2004)
Long Draw Campground (2004)
Lathrop State Park (2004)

I think these are improvements.

Dual Batteries (Click to Enlarge)
Click to Enlarge
Since we dry camp 90% pf the time, an extra battery and switches to control the charging of them.

I've added the option of 2 tanks too.
Click to Enlarge
If the weather isn't cold, I can drop one battery, and install a second tank in the same spot.

Out with the drawers, In with shelves.
Click to Enlarge
I used the drawer fronts, for drop down doors. Much better.

This part of the hutch, never had a shelf.
Click to Enlarge
But in effect, it almost doubles our storage capacity.

New Furnace Switch.
Click to Enlarge
New on and off, beside the voltmeter. No more Hands and Knees!

Refer Fan (Click to Enlarge)
Click to Enlarge
This will help us stay cooler on the hot days.

Fan Switch (Click to Enlarge)
Click to Enlarge
This is the on/off for the refer fan.

My answer to catching Gray Water
Click to Enlarge
This is a 3/4 NPT to 5/8 hose nipple, push on a short length of hose.

An ABS Wheel cover for a Birthday Present.
Click to Enlarge
Now I have a Grand Tour Elite/SanteFe Version, How do you like the License Plate?

A new drain valve!
Click to Enlarge
No more cresent wrench to drain, swing valve, nipple and elbow. $6 Total!

Drillin' The Camper, This is Slick!
Click to Enlarge
About 5 seconds to raise the roof.

Click to Enlarge
Add the drill, and 3/4 swivel extension, EASY!

Distribution Tree (Click to Enlarge)
Click to Enlarge
This is great, No more little green bottles.

Honda Eu1000
The generator makes dry camping even better. We use it to recharge the scooter.

12 Volt Plug In
A Rally (#3156) 55 Watt magnetic base light might come in handy. Maybe even as a backup light?

Fox Hill Oven
Click to go to Foxhill Website.
Nothing is better than fresh chocolate chip cookies......

Now I'll know how cold it got!
Indoor/Outdoor with Memory! Radio Shack $20.

A $6.99 Circline bulb. 24 watts.
Mounted to a pull switch plate, then a pine circle, wired in an extension cord.


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